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Full STEAM Ahead!

Our Techie Core curriculum for intermediate learners

What will my preschooler learn?

​Designed for kids with tinkering experience, our STEAM programme will deepen the connection between science, tech and the arts with more fun and hands-on activities including:

  • Using different types of energy sources to make creative projects

  • Building circuits with batteries, LEDs, buzzers, cables etc.

  • Building electric robots using electronic components

  • Navigating and going on a space exploration while coding with Dash 

  • Making electronic games & digital animations with ScratchJr

K2.2 conductivity short circuits electri
K2.2 motors switches spinning art 8.JPG

In the process, we will explore the following core concepts in this TY200 series:

  • What is Technology

  • Energy & sustainability

  • Electricity & circuits

  • Hardware vs Software

  • Electronics as the foundation for Computer Programming

  • Computer Science: sequencing, events, loops, conditionals

How will my preschooler learn?

Consistent with our approach across all our courses, our Full STEAM Ahead! programme focuses on drawing connections between disciplines, having fun through discovery, and developing your child’s multiple intelligences.


& Inquiry

Cross-disciplinary Learning



Differentiated Instruction

What else do I

need to know?

Choice of Course Formats

  • Term-time weeklies: 10 lessons (weekly) x 1.5 hrs a term, 4 terms a year

  • Holiday camps: 5 lessons (Mon - Fri) x 3 hrs a camp*

  • Online (live) and offline (in-person) class options available


*Note: Each camp is equivalent to one term's worth of classes.


  • Course fees: $690 per term/camp

TY200 Roadmap

Check out all our upcoming course runs for TY200 Core: Full STEAM Ahead! below

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