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Picking Up STEAM!

Our Techie Core curriculum for beginners

What will my preschooler learn?

As an introduction to STEAM education, this programme will stretch your child’s logical and creative brains through many fun, hands-on activities. Kids will:


  • tackle off-screen, hands-on logic puzzles

  • build mechanical robots using recycled materials and mechanical components

  • code a Matatalab bot to go on a treasure hunt, join a musical band and host an art exhibition

  • make electronic games & digital animations using ScratchJr

K1.3 matata coding 2.gif
K1.4 scratchjr coding loops 3.jpeg

In the process, preschoolers will explore these core concepts in a way that their young minds can best appreciate!

  • What is Science?

  • Force & motion

  • Navigation: location, direction, distance

  • Mechanics as the foundation for Robotics

  • Computer Science: sequencing, events, loops, functions

How will my preschooler learn?

All our classes are conducted the Techie Tykes way - learning through play, discovering  through observation, asking questions and making connections, and in the process developing your child's whole self. 


& Inquiry

Cross-disciplinary Learning



Differentiated Instruction

What else do I

need to know?

Choice of Course Formats

  • Term-time weeklies: 10 lessons (weekly) x 1.5 hrs a term, 4 terms a year

  • Holiday camps: 5 lessons (Mon - Fri) x 3 hrs a camp*

  • Online (live) and offline (in-person) class options available


*Note: Each camp is equivalent to one term's worth of classes.


  • Course fees: $690 per term/camp

TY100 Roadmap

Check out all our upcoming course runs for K1 Core: Picking Up STEAM! below

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