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Techie Art

Our Techie Collective curriculum for artistic techies

Techie Art is one of 3 pillars in our Techie Collective. Classes in this pillar are designed to let kids experience the artistry in the sciences while creating artistic works while looking through a technical or digital lens.


Students will be inspired to infuse their artistic expressions with a variety of techie and digital media including circuits, LEDs, motors, digital animations and more!

What will my child learn?

​In Techie Art, your child will stretch both their logical and creative brains through artistic, hands-on activities such as:


  • painting

  • sculpting

  • crafting

  • graphic design

  • digital animations

All while applying science and tech principles and components to augment their projects, including:

  • electric circuits

  • LED lights, buzzers, motors

  • computer programming

K2.2 conductivity short circuits electri
K2.2 motors switches spinning art 8.JPG

In the process, students will explore and apply these core concepts in a multi-disciplinary and holistic way!

  • Electricity & circuits

  • Technical design vs Aesthetic design

  • Explore colour theory, light, shapes and arrangement

  • Computer Science: sequencing, events, loops, conditionals

  • Generate your own digital art creations using code.

How will my child learn?

All our classes are conducted the Techie Tykes way - learning through guided play, discovering through observation, asking questions and making connections, and in the process developing your child's whole self. 

We teach by asking questions so students develop critical thinking and self-directed learning. They make observations, recognise patterns, articulate their thoughts, ask questions, and find solutions.


& Inquiry

We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to foster lateral thinking. Students draw parallels, see contrasts and connect the dots between seemingly disparate elements and disciplines.



We use the most powerful driver of motivation - play. Students don’t realise they are learning when they play, but we are there to guide them towards finding meaning, purpose and insight. 



We understand that every child is on their own developmental journey. We meet them where they are at, and help them progress on their journey by ensuring a positive learning experience.



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