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Unleash the creative technologist in your child

Explore. Create. Be Fascinated.

Give your preschooler a meaningful tech education

We aim to develop every child from a consumer of technology to a creator with technology.

Start with our Techie Core curriculum which includes Science, Tech, Engineering, Art & Math (STEAM) as a foundation for our youngest learners to start their coding education.

After 2 terms of coding within the Techie Core, Tykes can apply their techie know-how in a suite of creative domains such as music, art and theatre under our Techie Collective curriculum.

Kindergarten 1

Picking up STEAM!

Learn the basics of force, mechanics, navigation and coding, both off-screen and on-screen. Acquire navigational skills (location, direction and distance), adopt healthy digital habits and give precise commands to bring our beloved Matatalab bot to life!


Kindergarten 2

Full STEAM ahead!

Dig deeper into energy, electricity, circuits, robotics and coding in an inquiry-based learning experience that is both artful and playful. Build robots, compose electronic music, make digital art, design games and animations, all with the power of STEAM.

Available for both individuals and preschools.
If you are a pre-school administrator, contact us

Learn about circuits this Circuit Breaker!

Online Holiday Classes

K2.2 circuits LED copper tape cup charac

Who says home-based learning can’t be hands-on? Join us online as we start tinkering with electric circuits. Learn how electricity works and build your own circuits (but not break them) with your very own tinkering kit! 

Designed with remote learning in mind.

Course includes a tinkering kit which will be delivered to your home before the course starts.

Suitable for kids 5-8 years of age.

How we teach is as important as what we teach

Designed specifically for early learners, our pedagogical approach encourages preschoolers to explore, collaborate, empathise and create in a technological world.


& Inquiry

We teach by asking questions so students develop critical thinking and self-directed learning. They make observations, recognise patterns, articulate their thoughts, ask questions, and find solutions.



We use the most powerful driver of motivation - play. Students don’t realise they are learning when they play, but we are there to guide them towards finding meaning, purpose and insight. 



We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to foster lateral thinking. Students draw parallels, see contrasts and connect the dots between seemingly disparate elements and disciplines.

Differentiated Learning

We understand that every child is on their own developmental journey. We meet them where they are at, and help them progress on their journey by ensuring a positive learning experience.

Our students are engaged, inquisitive and mindful

We don’t build positive learning environments alone. We work with our students to develop purpose, nurture passions and create meaning. They make us who we are.


Learn how things work so that you can build your own solutions & projects.



Embrace technology to create with it, rather than just consume it.



Discover your creative voice while spreading joy and delight with tech.



My twins had a great time at camp with teacher Coco.

They enjoyed the hands-on activities and were especially excited with the moving robots they got to make on their own.

Looking forward to the next one!

— Liping, mother of E & E (5 yrs)

Give your preschooler a great learning experience and essential  skills for the technological age

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