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Tinkering Kit: Paper Circuits - Space Theme

Tinkering Kit: Paper Circuits - Space Theme

Learn the basics of electricity using paper circuits with this Tinkering Kit.


Read about how electricity works in our Kid's Guide to Electricity.


Explore interesting facets of our solar system and space travel in our Space-themed project magazine.


Be inspired by space science and circuits to express yourself creatively with these projects:

  1. make your own bookmark with a night light
  2. design a light-up greeting card for a loved one
  3. design and build your own lantern


Great for stay-home family activity sessions, play dates, kids parties and hands-on learning. 


Each kit contains:

  • Our Kids' Guide to Electricity
  • Our project magazine on Super Space Circuits
  • 6 x LED bulbs (random colours)
  • 6 x Copper tape strips
  • 4 x coin battery
  • 1 x dual-battery case
  • 4 x craft paper (random colours)
  • wooden lantern base
    • Care Instructions

      The parts in this kit are real electronic parts, and should be handled and stored with care.


      To prevent rust on metal parts: 

      • keep all metal parts (including the copper tape) clean and dry


      To prevent battery leakage: 

      • ​​​​​​​avoid using old batteries with new batteries
      • disconnect batteries from circuits if not in use for a prolonged period
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